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When Is It Right To Get Skin Stitches?

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015

The minor bruises, scrapes and cuts do heal on its own with proper care. Experts always advise those who get minor wounds like the aforementioned should always get it washed with mild soap and clean water in order to keep it from getting infected. But the more serious wounds or cuts will need more than just washing it with clean water and soap. This is where skin stitches come in. Skin stitches are performed by surgeons generally. Skin stitches are not only performed when a patient gets a wound from an accident. It is also performed in every surgery procedure.

These days, the procedure involved in skin stitching is getting less painful than before. There was a time when stitches involved threads that needed to be pulled out when the wound has healed. These days, staples, glues, etc. have been used in surgical procedures, thus making it less painful and even less obvious as the wound heals. Certain signs of cuts that will need skin stitching is when the level of the wound is serious. These could be gaping, jagged or deep; when the face gets cut or any other part of your body in which scarring becomes an issue; the wound feels numb; it is in the limb or hand in which the part no longer functions properly after being cut; or the wound bleeds profusely without signs of stopping even after twenty minutes worth of direct pressure has been applied. If any of these occurs, do not panic and head straight to the hospital.

Stitches in Skin

It will be helpful if you apply to your wound direct pressure in order to control the bleeding. It will also help any injured person to have the injured area raised at a higher level of the heart, if this is possible. There are certain situations wherein stitches are not allowed or permitted by the surgeon, like puncture wounds. But this still requires the attention of a doctor since they are the ones who really know how to address such wounds. This is especially the case if you or the injured person did not had any tetanus shot done in over five years. Once the doctor or any health care provider has given assessment over the injury and has decided to give stitches, they will be performing the first steps prior to doing the stitching procedure. Cleansing usually takes place and may not hurt, but there are instances that it will be, depending on the kind of injury. Surgeries can take place at the will of people also like Melbourne cosmetic surgery if you live in Melbourne. They may also require stitches sometimes.

At the time the procedure is done, your nurse or doctor will give you advice on how you should take care of the stitches. It will include several specific ways in cleaning and dressing the affected area. You will also be advised to change the bandages when needed or to keep them dry, including your wounds. Wounds that are constantly wet or moist will lead to infection after all. Your doctor will also prescribe you antibiotic ointment in order to keep your wound from getting infected. It will also make you aware if there are any signs of it getting infected, too.

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