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Mistakes One Makes in the Do-It-Yourself Electricity Projects

Posted by on Sep 5, 2015

It isn’t necessary every time to call an electrician to fix your small electrical issue at home? Electrical repairs and installations happen throughout the year. Hence one should be knowledgeable enough to work on some of the electrical issues by oneself. Electrical issues can be solved easily by anyone if and only if a prior learning has been undertaken by a person. Moreover, these common mistakes can turn out to be a blunder and can eventually harm the one who is in contact with the hazardous space. Hence in order to stay learned and proactive, it is essential to explore some common mistakes that one needs to take care of while undertaking “DIY” Electricity projects.

These common mistakes can turn out to be a blunder which can harm you, so what all you need to do is that safe yourself from doing any of these kinds of blunders which can hurt you while working on it. Though these tips would be helpful in avoiding any unpleasant happening, still calling a professional electrician like Tesla Domestic Electricians Kew is highly recommended for complex jobs.  Let’s focus on some of these very common mistakes which one needs to take care of:-

  • Box Installation Mistakes:

While nailing the electrical box on the wall, most of the time people nail it a little too away. Rather than repeating these common mistakes, it is wise to stretch the exterior plate of the box from the stud plug.

  • Use of Wire in Wire Connections in a Box:

Always ensure that you should install six inches of wire in a box in order to have enough wire to fix a proper connection. You need enough wire to strip, connect and fold over a connection in a box. On the contrary, also don’t keep any extra-long inches of wire more than this as when you fix the box to the wall squeezing the extra inches long wires, there will be a possibility that it can get damaged and short out.

  • Mistakes while Fuse Replacement:

How do you feel when you are sitting at home and the breaker keep tripping after you reset it? How do you feel when the fuse blows out even after replacing it repetitively? After a time, frustration rises, and you think by yourself to fix it by larger size fuse. Stop! Never do that. To protect the wire ampacity rating, fuses and breakers are designed therefore while connecting the breaker or fuse always ensure to not to use larger sizes fuse or breaker. As it might overheat the wire and lead to short circuit.


Hence it is essential to beware of these common mistakes and ensure a safer home, office etc. by correcting these mistakes and implementing right actions for it.

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